Sunday, January 20, 2013

Greetings music fans!

This is an exciting time for The WannaBeatles.

First of all, this is our first blog, so please make yourself at home. Welcome to the news straight from the WannaBeatles mouth, and may you continually return to be refreshed and revived. Remember, you have a role to play, and this is a relationship, so the ultimate beauty contained herein is in our hands - you, the reader, and we, the blogger, and all the ships at sea. Your responses will affect the direction, so think of it as a collaboration.

We just had a great week. The biggest  event was probably our Betty White Birthday Bash at 3rd & Lindsley. It was our first time to play that venerable club, and it was a blast. This photo capture the solo during "Can't Buy Me Love" which had me kneeling at the front of the stage with lots of screaming fans gathered around, raising their hands to express their enthusiasm. A great moment!


We had a birthday cake for Betty, celebrating her turning 91. Can you believe it? WannaBeatle Nathan took the time to scour youtube for clips of Betty in her earlier show biz glory, from What's My Line through Johnny Carson skits and plenty of Golden Girl episodes, so that we all got a crash course in what a cool lady Betty is.

Our show included our lovely Betty White Look-alike Evelyn Ford, the Betty White dancers, a screen behind us to show videos during various songs, a few extra guests onstage, and a camera crew from WKRN Channel 2. We were on the news that night!

Since the Good Yoko and I don't own a tv, we didn't see it, but according to WannaBeatle Dave, Dennis and I are "all over it." Someday soon we may get a DVD from Channel 2 containing that clip.

The next night we played at Puckett's in Franklin, another cool place. It was sold out, and we had tons of fun, as did our fans.

The next day we had a showcase at the Tennessee Association of Fairs, which was a chance to let people hear us who run all the county fairs across the state. We were sponsored by an agency that's actually in Ohio, called Variety Attractions, who came to Nashville for the convention. We had 30 minutes to demonstrate our stage show, which meant taking many Beatle songs and reducing them to under two minutes (usually by skipping a verse and a bridge). The Variety Attractions agents treated us to lunch and a very educational conversation about the nature of the fair business. We had a good response, so we look forward to getting some gigs at fairs around the state later this year.

Meanwhile, we're working on a new album. We have lots of original songs, and we'll be happy to tell you all about them,  and how we wrote them.  We also have ideas for a series of youtube videos explaining how we play each Beatle song. We have tons of ideas, and we're very happy to share them with you.

So that's it for now. Welcome to the first blog. Come on back soon. We look forward to it.

-Bloggin' Bryan

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  1. Bryan,
    Thank you for your work in the "Blogging department". You are on your way.