Thursday, October 31, 2013

Amy Allen's Someday Is Today

Earlier in the summer, we were invited by our friend Chuck Whiting to appear in a video. Chuck is a talented singer, songwriter and pianist, but like so many others in Nashville, he's found other work that helps him earn a living. He works as a publicist with us, and is also working with a singer from Arkansas named Amy Allen. 

Amy is a relatively new country artist. It's probably more accurate to call her pop-country-Americana, since her style covers a wider spectrum of influences. Her song, - which is the title of her album, and also serves to symbolize the story of her interesting career - is called "Someday is Today." 

Chuck and Amy were planning a video for the song, and thought of us to appear as her backup band in the video.

We did it! And here's the link to the video:

You'll hear a fine singer singing a fine song she wrote, and you'll see the WannaBeatles (in our civilian garb) playing the roles of her back up band. 

We didn't actually play on the song; our job was make it look realistic. 

David, Dennis (on bass) and Nathan all did a fine job.

I was the guitar player, so my challenge was trying to look like I knew what I was doing while matching every note that the other guy played.  I can tell you that by the time the guitar solo comes along, there were about a hundred notes I missed - so I'm glad that during that section the videographer decided to shift over to scenes of Amy getting her make up applied.

But Amy is quite a singer, and we're glad to be associated with her. 

We just heard that her song has reached #28 on the STS Main Country charts, and #20 on the Country Indie Chart. She also got a good reviews from Got Country Magazine. 

Congratulations Amy! and Chuck too!
We're proud to be associated with you!

-Bloggin' Bryan 30oct13

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