Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Our Edgehill Coffee Spot

A previous blog (September 30) told about working with Mike Cortese to film a small part in a video that he was producing. 

Mike is a professor at Belmont, a creative PR entrepreneur, and a talented comic. He and his partner Ryan Bitzer have produced a series of videos for Edgehill Cafe, using creative humor to attract viewers. 

Their third script included a reference to a Beatles group, as customers who order "Four Abbe Roads." 

He just sent us the video that we appeared in, and it's hilarious. We're very proud to be part of it.

Here's what the coffee order looks like:

and here's us saying "hello, we're the wannabeatles."

It will probably help you feel good if you watch the previous two videos too, where Chip Douche introduces himself and his method. Here are those links:



Thanks to Mike from the WannaBeatles! And may Edgehill prosper as a result of our involvement. (Not sure how, but our intentions are good. We like their coffee.)

Bloggin' Bryan 5nov13

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