Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Because They Were Fab

February 9, 1964 is the date that The Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan television show, which triggered their massive assault upon American pop culture. Beatlemania was already rampant in England the previous year, but after that date, it took on global proportions. So it's important, in pop music history, but especially to Beatles fans.

February 9, 1964 is also the title of a song that appears on The WannaBeatles first CD.

Here's a link to listen:

The WannaBeatles are based in Nashville, which is a songwriting town, so we can't resist mentioning a song of ours that relates to any available topic.

As many Beatles fans know, the 50th anniversary of February 9, 1964 is less than three months away. WannaBeatle Dennis, in true Brian Epstein fashion, has been cooking up ideas for the group to appear on a television show to coordinate with that anniversary.

Part of that campaign is to present us as a group with a special song about the occasion.

Dennis has devised a special song that covers the topic very skillfully.

It's called "Because They Were Fab." 

We've been working on it for several weeks. But we finally came up with a song we all agree works for this purpose, and we finally got it mixed yesterday. And here's the result: 


It might be interesting to know some of the process that goes into creating a song like this. Then again, it might be boring. 

Here are three main things that might be interesting: 

1) The song is a rewritten version of another song of ours - not only that, but it's the fourth version. (You may either read the history below or skip directly to interesting point #2.)

The original version, "Before They Were Fab," appears on our most recent CD, "We're Still Rockin'." (so you can hear it by clicking track #3 at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/thewannabeatles.)

The second version, "We Wanna Meet Paul," became a fun video, which is on our youtube channel. (it's the same music with different lyrics at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddiHnVcdoLQ&feature=share&list=FLI1zZDbo_AjWCR8LWrbA0Mg)

The third version, also called "Because They Were Fab," appears on our Grammy-nominated spoken word album, "Fab Fan Memories." (click http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/fabfanmemories and select track #9)

2) We inserted song titles into the lyrics. The thirds verse has "No one's denied A Ticket to Ride." We couldn't resist. It sounded fun.

3) During the mixing process, we changed the music to fit the lyrics. The thirds verse has a line "When I stop and think of yesterday." Gary Dales, our studio whiz mixing engineer, came up with a way to rearrange the drums and other instruments so that the word "stop" is reinforced by all the instruments coming to a stop for that brief split second. We thought it sounded cool, so that became the new way the song sounds.

More than that, you probably don't wanna know. 

So, here's hoping you see us on television in a few months. 

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