Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rockin' at Crockett

Crockett Park in Brentwood is our biggest hometown affair. It's an annual free concert at a beautiful outdoor facility that draws thousands of people, usually families with picnics and blankets and chairs.

Because it's such a large stage and a big community event, we get the chance to enlarge our show with extra guest performers. In the past, we've been joined by a youth orchestra, a juggling troupe, a string quartet, and an American Idol contestant.

This year we had a choir from Christ Presbyerian Academy and two trumpet players from the Brass Band of Nashville. 

This addition was largely due to WannaBeatle Nathan's work with CPA, having written custom arrangements for the choir and orchestra,  which had already been performed in a concert at the Ryman a few weeks ago. (Covered in the blog "CPA (and AJ) at the Ryman" May 20)

So we were all set for music to play.

Fortunately there are plenty of photos to tell the story. So here goes.

Crockett Park on a clear Sunday afternoon - Father's Day 2014
Our friend Lucy with Dennis check out Cardboard Paul at the Yellow Submarine installation- a new feature for our merch table, or "WannaBeatles Boutique"
WannaBeatle David shows off his muscles holding his drumsticks
          Members of "Vision" from CPA arrive for sound check
Awaiting their cue 

  Dennis with Vision director Lynn Jung prepare for choir setup
Buddy Burris and Brenda Morley from Brass Band of Nashville
              BC, Buddy and Brenda check out the horn charts
Our young friend Stanley Karr shooting more footage for a video
      WannaBeatle Bryan checks guitar sounds before the show
                      Vision getting into position for sound check

                   View from horn riser right before the show
Brentwood City Mayor Betsy Crossley announces the band as the show begins   (Thanks to for the photo) 

In this annual tradition, Mayor Crossley inserts as many Beatles song titles as possible into her introductory speech. This year, we counted 17 references. 
WannaBeatle David took this panoramic photo from his drum set  just before the show started.

Then we rocked!
                      Opening with "Magical Mystery Tour"
                              Dennis playing harmonica
                         David laying down that serious groove
                                    Nathan rockin' on bass
                      WannaBeatle Bryan in forward motion
   The group onstage in black and white, the crowd in colorful chairs and clothes
                             The crowd is rockin' - all ages
  Dennis and Bryan as twin guitar heroes during "Come Together"
            Nathan moving from keys to bass (or vice versa)
                                          And rockin' out!               

                                Dennis rockin' on acoustic
Bryan on electric
                                       Dennis and David
                   The crowd showing their lights during "Let It Be"
The photo is shaky, but the occasion was the first time I've ever taken a cell phone photo from the stage during a song. It was an inspiring sight during the second chorus of "Let It Be." 

I calculated I had enough time to pick up my phone, take a couple of shots, and put it back down in time for my guitar solo.

Call it multi-tasking. It's not for everyone.
              One more shot of the crowd displaying their lights

For our second set, we changed into our "Shea Stadium" shirts.
Here's a rough cell phone photo of us with our trumpet players Brenda and Buddy after the show.

There are more pictures from that night yet to circulate - but you get the picture. 

The WannaBeatles had a wonderful time rockin' at Crockett Park. We always look forward to it, and we seem to enjoy it more each year. 

It's a wonderful way for grownups to earn a living.

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