Monday, September 8, 2014


The WannaBeatles love playing the Library. It's a beautiful place, and a beautiful setting, bringing music to the lunch time crowd downtown in the open air plaza nestled onto the second floor of the Library. 

We usually draw about 700 people, and that includes infants with moms, and kids playing in the fountain.

This year, we can tell the story in pictures, thanks to photographer Ray Jones, who gave us access to his disc.
Here's Elaine Wood, who books us at the Library, reaching into the box to pull out a winning ticket for the day, assisted by her loyal volunteer Judy.
Announcing the winner

And here we are, singing in our "Shea Stadium" shirts.

Here's another front shot with Nathan on bass.
And another with Dennis on acoustic guitar...

This shot was probably during "You Can't Do That"

Here's David singing at the drums, side view.

And the front view, including his arsenal: 
a small keyboard and two bottles of water.

Dennis and Nathan sharing the mic.

Here's Dennis on maracas, 
which would have been during "Let It Be" 

Here's Dennis looking left, with a view of the trees 
next to our "stage," making our "Shea Stadium" shirts 
look more like safari suits.

In this picture we know Dennis is being funny 
because David's laughing. The song is probably 
"Creme Brulee," our parody of "Yesterday."

Here's Dennis on acoustic guitar... 

and on harmonica 

and rockin' with two-fisted percussion

One extra treat for the day, for us as well as the entire audience, was the appearance of Evelyn Ford, who played the part of the Betty White lookalike in our "Oh Betty!" video. She's a great sport.

Evelyn with her Betty fan, and Nathan singing "Oh Betty"

Dennis, Betty, and Evelyn, all smiles

There's also a sax solo in "Oh Betty."

Thanks to Evelyn for making "Oh Betty" such a fun song.

Here's our WannaBeatles flute section, 
during "Fool on the Hill"

The song also includes a penny whistle solo, 
played on the recorder

Here's david's lovely daughter Gabrielle 
at our merch table, explaining the CD label.

Here's another wild guitar solo.
And another 
(do not try to reorient the photo...)

Here's Nathan at his keyboard. 

and on bass

and rocking at the keyboard 
while wearing the bass like a gunslinger

Here are Bryan and Dennis 
doing their background parts 
on the chorus of "Hello Goodbye" 

This is not trick photography. 
There really was a tree branch right next to my head.
(This is probably during "When I Get Home.")

Here's our lovely audience. 

Here's a view that includes the red umbrellas in the plaza

And another view with more greenery
And another view toward the side 

Here we are, just rocking

The whole day was made even more pleasant because of the skill and support we received from Matt Coxey and the audio team. They even helped load in our gear from the parking garage - that's way beyond the call of duty.

Thanks to Elaine for treating us so well and making the Library such a great event, and thanks to Ray Jones for all the photographs, and thanks to all our friends who came out to see us!

We had a great time. 

Bloggin' Bryan 8sept2014

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