Wednesday, April 8, 2015

More Florida Pictures

Our trip to south Florida in early February was one of our longest, and most photographed trips. It was also one of our longest blogs. (see "Florida and Lots of Pictures," March 20)

But, wait, there's more! Yes, even more photos have been discovered, and rather than insert them into the already too large Florida blog, Bloggin' Bryan will have mercy on our readers and post a new small blog with a few choice photos that add new flavor to our Florida trip.

Of course, the Florida trip was a major homecoming for WannaBeatle David, who grew up in Key West and Miami. The concerts we played were a collaboration with the South Florida Symphony Orchestra, directed by Sebrina Alphonso, who attended high school in Key West with David.

In addition to Sebrina, there are many other friends and places that have importance in the life of WannaBeatle David, and many of them are pictured here.

To keep it chronological, we'll start with the meeting at the Woodfield Country Club on our first morning in Boca Raton, when we were entertained by the stories of Jeff Richman. 

Here we are by the pool. 
Bryan, David, Jeff and Dennis, poolside.

And here's the lovely pool. 

And here's our gathering on the patio. 
Bryan and Dennis enjoying Jeff's stories

That was a slice of Boca Raton, but David really connected with his roots during an evening trip to Miami.
Allan, Nathan and David with friends in Miami

David, Alan, and Nathan with more old friends

That night in Miami included a visit to the famous Deauville Hotel, where The Beatles played for their second appearance on Ed Sullivan in February 1964. 
Nathan at Deauville

The next day was our first concert, at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. Dennis met up with his brother, Timmy, and nephew Tyler. 
Tyler, Timmy, Dennis with others at the loading dock
A view of the auditorium from the sound booth, 
as we gather to confer with our sound man.

After the show, we gathered with a bunch of friends for a meal.
David, Lilly & Danny

Allan and Bryan talking

Here's David in front of the church where his father was pastor; the sign says "Iglesia Metodista Unica," which is United Methodist Church.

The most recent photo in this collection is from the "meet'n'greet" we did in Key West, where we joined Sebrina in a gathering of the most loyal supporters of the South Florida Symphony Orchestra.

For a more complete account of our trip to Florida, feel free to browse the earlier blog.

For a musical dose of south Florida sunshine, check out "Come To Key West," our youtube channel. 

Here's the link:

That's the song that David was inspired to write, sing, arrange and produce, looking forward to our trip to Florida. He also created the video, with the help of some of his old friends. We performed the song onstage with the South Florida Symphony Orchestra. It was a great moment for The WannaBeatles.

Thanks to Nathan for the extra photos, and thanks to David for having so many friends in such a wonderful place.

Bloggin' Bryan  8April2015

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