Thursday, October 15, 2015


This is part 3 of the blog series covering The WannaBeatles' weekend in late August, which included three gigs, five travel days, a Tundra with a U-Haul trailer, and a partridge in a pear tree.

So, to catch you up, we're not in Kansas, uh, Nashville anymore. We're in Bethesda, Maryland, having driven from Springfield, Ohio the previous day. 

We're staying at the American Inn, on Massachusetts Avenue, just a few blocks from the Bethesda Blues and Jazz Club, where we're playing tonight for a return engagement.

Here's how it looks leaving the motel 
to take our gear down the street.
Here's how we fit into the Bethesda entertainment lineup.

Here's where WannaBeatle David shows his skill 
in backing up with a trailer.

Here's the elevator where we take our equipment 
up to the stage level.
Here's the inside of the beautiful theater, 
with dinner tables beyond the dance floor
The empty stage before we set up
View from side of stage

David setting up his drums

Nathan setting up his keyboard

Dennis on phone with tech support, 
attempting to coordinate the video screen 
with the laptop computer 
containing the slide show program.

The Bethesda theater has a large screen which allows us to use our video with the show.

Our loyal intern Melanie, a Belmont student who's from Bethesda, is available to help run the computer.
Our intern Melanie, at her station with the laptop

We are glad to have Melanie to help us out, because running the video portion of the show from a laptop can be a challenging job.
Instructions from computer projected on screen 

Bethesda is a place where the WannaBeatles have friends and family.
Here's WannaBeatle Bryan before the show with his cousin Oliver, Oliver's daughter Elizabeth, and wife Anne. 

Their son Andrew was also there, at another table with several of his friends.

We were also greeted by Rick Brown, the owner of the theater, and Skip Kelly of DC Entertainment, who helped us get the gig there. Skip introduced us from the stage, and brought a local professional photographer to cover the show. Her name is Mickie Hill, and she took some great shots.

As we had experienced last year, the crowd in Bethesda was enthusiastic, and loved to dance. 

After the show, we met up with friends in the lobby. 
Melanie, WannaBeatle Nathan, & friend in the lobby

It was a very enjoyable experience, because so many people enjoyed what we do. 

Thanks to Skip at DC Entertainment, Photographer Mickie Hill, owner Rick and the sound crew at Bethesda Blues and Jazz, and Melanie and her friends for helping out so much. 

Stay tuned for Episode 4: the trip to Clifton Forge, Virginia.

-Bloggin' Bryan, 15October2015

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