Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Nathan's New Amp

WannaBeatle Nathan got serious about his sound and invested in a new amplifier. 

The brand is TC Electronic. The speaker cabinet is an impressive black rectangle with a sturdy wire mesh grill. The amp is a small sleek unit with a few knobs and lights, carefully designed to create the impression that whoever owns it is cool.

The speaker has its own cover, and the amp has a nifty carrying case to protect it during travel.

Nathan's main goal was to reproduce his keyboards and bass with plenty of clarity and volume.

That doesn't mean The WannaBeatles play loud. It just means Nathan wants to be heard clearly, and we appreciate that.
It looks large
Nathan pointing at his new amp, 
which is not so large after all

We got to hear it when we played a private party at a beautiful home in Hendersonville on Thursday December 17.

Our host was Sue Nokes, who is a huge Beatles fan. She has an impressive collection of Beatles memorabilia on display around her house.
Here's a jukebox devoted to Yellow Submarine.
And here's a Hofner bass in a display case,
with authentic Beatles autographs on it

December 17 was a cold night, and we were set up on an outdoor patio. Fortunately, there were several large heaters around us during the night, or we would have suffered frozen fingers.
WannaBeatle David in his winter wear

Dennis setting up monitor
Dennis being silly, 
pretending his nose is caught in the mic clip

It was a fun party, and people appreciated the music, even though they had to stand outside on a winter night to enjoy it.
Our hosts also served delicious holiday food, and we were grateful for the hospitality, and the chance to be inside.

Congratulations, Nathan, on the upgrade!

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