Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bedford County Fair

In a relatively sparse summer schedule, The WannaBeatles had weekend pair of dates that ended July and started August.

The weekend coincided with a visit from a lifelong friend of WannaBeatle David's, Danny Jiminez. We had met Danny when we played down in Florida in February. (see blog 20march2015, "Florida and lots of pictures" for a good photo of Danny with a bass he had customized to match one McCartney used, along with several fine photos Danny took.)

Danny is a fine musician with a special interest in Beatles music, and also a fine photographer. And so, this blog includes some of the photos he took at the  Bedford County Fair, and the next blog will report on Danny's performance onstage with The WannaBeatles.

Friday July 31 was a warm day. We were dressed accordingly for the trip down to Shelbyville.

Dennis checking mic
Nathan loading in keyboard
David setting up drums
BC warming up on acoustic
David imitating the 93.9 Duck on poster
Wanna Beatle Bryan and his wife Holly bought a Prius at the beginning of July. The Bedford County Fair became the occasion for installing its first WannaBeatles bumper sticker.
Our friend Lucy and Dennis set up merch table
Our local sound man Zeb setting up sound
Our pop up banner beside the stage
David's friend Danny taking another photograph
Nathan and Lucy
David at drums with shades
Nathan on his Hofner at sound check

Danny caught some good shots of us during our show.
The boys onstage
Dennis onstage
Nathan with bass slung over shoulder
Boys rocking' on "You Can't Do That"
BC on sax for "Lady Madonna"
View from the stage
Nathan and Bryan
The Boys rocking' together

Thanks to Zeb and his crew for running sound, and thanks to our friends Lucy and Danny for helping make our trip to Shelbyville so enjoyable.

Bloggin' Bryan 17Sep2015

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