Thursday, September 24, 2015


Bloggin' Bryan just noticed, in the middle of reporting a weekend at the end of July, that we accidentally left out a gig from earlier that month. We will now insert our show at Cheekwood to restore chronological continuity. Thanks for your understanding.

Cheekwood is a Nashville institution, a large elegant estate nestled beside the Belle Meade Country Club, which has been converted into a public art gallery, an event center, a restaurant, and acres of land filled with various art exhibitions. The WannaBeatles have played at Cheekwood before, but never on the lawn, so we were happy to be part of their summer series, which was free to the public.

Cheekwood makes an artistic statement as soon as you enter. 

This is a three dimensional sculpture 
that plays with perspective, 
appearing two dimensional to a driver moving past it

There is interesting sculpture all over the grounds

Reclining figures embracing trees
 And a lovely creek running alongside the lawn

View of stage from creek
Setting up in the afternoon

 Our sound man at the board
 Our yellow submarine

 Setting up on a warm afternoon
 Assembling the gear
 Sound crew at stage

The crowd assembled on the lawn, with picnic blankets and lawn chairs. Food was available at a gourmet taco food truck, and ice cream at a Ben and Jerry's tent. 

We enjoyed playing. There were lots of kids blowing bubbles and dancing on the lawn.

We even had fans posting videos from the show on Facebook.

Here's a shot of what that looked like.

It was a an enjoyable summer evening of music. Thanks to our sound crew, our friend Lucy who helped us out at the merch table, and to Cheekwood for adding us to their community program.

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