Thursday, November 19, 2015

Gallatin 2015

On September 17, The WannaBeatles returned to Gallatin, TN to do their monthly 3rd Thursday concert on the courthouse square.

It was a beautiful afternoon.
WannaBeatle Dennis sets up harmonica holder
WannaBeatle Nathan adjusts his mic
WannaBeatle David, with new haircut, checks his drums

Over the years, The WannaBeatles have developed some history with Gallatin. We played many times at The Whippoorwill, located right on the square, a restaurant/music venue which sadly is no longer there. 

Within a block of downtown is also the historic Palace Theater, where we filmed our "We Wanna Meet Paul" video, which has now surpassed 20,000 views.
The Palace Theater also contains an administrative office, which became a hospitality suite for us. 
WannaBeatles on the poster for 3rd Thursday series

It was a return to a familiar landmark to visit the Palace Theater again, and use their lobby rest room as our dressing room. They also provided us with a nice supper of barbecue.

Dennis changing into stage clothes
David all dressed, hanging out in lobby

We had our old friend Larry doing the sound for us, who had been at the Whippoorwill many times, and does lots of local shows.
Stage with banner before show
The lovely Miss Leslie displaying our merchandise
Cool dancer before the show
The Sumner County Courthouse, as viewed from the stage

As usual, we have photos from before the show, but none during the show, since Bloggin' Bryan is too busy during the show to take pictures.

However, some music buddies visiting from Brazil happened to catch our show, and they included a clip of our performance in their recently posted youtube video. Here's a screenshot of that moment:

Our live action occurs, as the photo indicates, at timing mark 2:27. The entire video can be viewed at this link:

We were happy to meet with fans after the show. 

We encountered a couple who made us aware that there is such a thing as a Topo Gigio tee shirt.

Since The WannaBeatles include an Ed Sullivan impersonation in our show, the name "Topo Gigio" is almost as familiar to us as "Magical Mystery Tour."
The Topo Gigio tee shirt

It's impossible to anticipate every level of cultural enrichment that comes our way as a result of this unique destiny of being The WannaBeatles. All we can do is enjoy it as it comes along.

-Bloggin' Bryan 18 November 2015

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