Saturday, August 27, 2016

Cheekwood 2016

On Thursday June 23 The WannaBeatles played an outdoor concert at Cheekwood, as part of  their summer concert series. 

Cheekwood is a beautiful Nashville institution, acres of wooded hills thoughtfully curated with inventive displays of art. This particular season, we were delighted to see creative tree houses on display.

British flag indicating historic reproduction of actual castle
Another view of castle

This particular afternoon the stage was set up on a sloping lawn further back along the gravel roads leading into the property. We couldn’t park close to the stage, so Cheekwood staff helped us carry gear in a golf cart.

Along the way, we discovered more playful and colorful houses.
 Another colorful and playful house

 And one of the most elaborate toy train sets ever constructed, this one with a particular Tennessee theme. Bloggin’ Bryan couldn’t resist capturing that kinetic sculpture as a cell phone video, offered for our readers’ enjoyment.

The music playing along, appropriately enough, is “Freight Train Boogie.” Alert viewers will also notice reproductions of famous landmarks, like the Tennessee state capitol.

It was a hot afternoon, where shade made all the difference between surviving and withering. Unfortunately, our stage was unprotected during the hours we needed to set up, as  the summer sun was slowly making its way behind the trees.
Setting up in sunshine
Installing the pop up banner behind the drum kit
Bloggin' Bryan with hot weather gear -
hat and shades - for literal "coolness"
Our hard working sound man in the heat
And our stage with the sound gear he single handedly set up
Merch table in the shade

Another creative tree house on lawn, 
stage in the distance

The usual disclaimer goes here: no photos of the show, due to the photographer being engaged as a performer onstage. We appreciate your understanding, and invite your good faith in imagining that we had a great show, and a splendid time was had by all.

Cheekwood’s summer concert series is a great chance for local families to enjoy a musical picnic in a beautiful setting. 
We appreciated seeing so many children dancing in front of the stage, and we were grateful for the assistance of the Cheekwood staff in carrying our gear in golf carts back to our cars.

Thanks also to our friend Leslie Mathey for handling our merch table that evening, to the local food trucks for providing delicious meals, and to Techworks, the local sound company who labored in the sweltering heat as a team of one.

We're happy to be part of such a special Nashville institution.

-Bloggin’ Bryan 27August2016

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