Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Crockett Park 2016

Sunday June 12 was our annual concert at Crockett Park in Brentwood. This has always been a big show for us, playing a free show for a local crowd sitting on the expansive lawn with their picnic coolers, blankets and chairs.

We usually add a special guest for our Crockett show; this year we invited an American Idol contestant named Joshua Wright. He's a fine singer, and a very nice guy, who brought his own Texas soul to a couple of classic Beatles songs, "Something" and "Help." 

Nearly empty stage as we arrive to set up

Loading in at the rear dock of the Eddie Arnold Amphitheater....
WannaBeatle David brings in his drum gear
While our faithful sound man Jody Fraser hauls in lights
David is proud to be working out, getting (back) into shape
WannaBeatle Dennis sets up the retail display 
Nathan checking out his keyboard
David checking his cell phone at the drum kit
Dennis and a crowd starting to assemble
A sound check for Joshua
Gatorade to replenish electrolytes on a hot day
Our yellow submarine prop
And a crowd getting larger as showtime draws near

We played two sets, one before sunset, another after dark. There were dozens of dancers of all ages gathered at the cement area in front of the stage. It was a classic summer evening, with enjoyable music filling the air. 

Joshua did a fine job with the new versions of "Something" and "Help." 

We don't have photos of the concert, so we'll just let this small selection provide an inside view of how The WannaBeatles arrive and set up to play our annual Crockett Park show. 

-Bloggin' Bryan 17August2016

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