Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Puckett's and Friends

Puckett’s Grocery is about as close as we get to a regular home town gig. We’ve been playing the Franklin Puckett’s for almost as long as we’ve been The WannaBeatles.

That means that our shows there are largely social events. At least that’s the way it appears from the cell phone photos taken at our most recent show there, Friday August 5.

So here are the results: a few shots of us getting ready to play, and a few more of our friends who came out to see us that night.
Nathan and David getting ready
Dennis acts up
Dennis and guys onstage as we're announced
Our banner, inserted behind drums
Our sound man Allan Waugh, our friend Carol 
(occasionally known to get up on the dance floor) and David
Jeff and Joann Seligman at table, Nathan in background

Holly (aka Good Yoko) and her fun sister Dana, who was visiting from Savannah. This was Holly's first night out since having hip replacement surgery three weeks before. Thanks, Dana, for making it possible, and such fun!

Everybody had a good time.

It’s always good to see our friends, and Puckett’s is just about the friendliest place we play.

-Bloggin’ Bryan 12October2016

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