Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Library 2016

On September 13, The WannaBeatles returned to the courtyard of the Nashville Library, entertaining a lunch time crowd assembled on another beautiful September day.
The fountain at the center of the courtyard

The courtyard on the upper floor of the library is a well thought out architectural treasure, a fresh oasis from downtown noise, a public space where people can sit at tables, surrounded by trees, under the open sky. 

The Library treats us well, and we love playing there.
Elaine Wood is our host, who oversees the hospitality, making sure a fine array of delicious healthy food is available in a back office, which becomes a temporary green room.
David setting up

Dennis during setup
Nathan setting up his keyboard

Thanks to photographer Ray Jones, we have a lot of photos from our show that day.
Checking vocals in our casual clothes

 Kids and moms near the fountain enjoying the sunshine

A well organized merch table with banner on display
Elyse Adler announcing our show
David gives thumbs up
Nathan rocks out on bass
Bryan and Dennis on mic, David sings harmony
Nathan makes a point
Man with a horn
Not Simon and Garfunkel, but an amazing simulation
Four guys rockin' out
David at mic
Saying goodbye
A final farewell

Somehow, being among the trees with all the people gathered under the sunshine during a lunch hour feels like being in a French impressionist painting from the late 19th century. 

We are proud to be among the performers like Riders in the Sky who have played the courtyard. It's a delightful Nashville tradition. We can always feel the relaxed enjoyment of the crowd that gathers in that generous space for some live music on a pretty day.

Thanks Ray, for the photos, and Elaine, for hosting us and helping produce such a fun concert series.

-Bloggin' Bryan 30November2016

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