Monday, May 19, 2014

Eden Alternative

On April 30, The WannaBeatles played for the international conference of Eden Alternative at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Nashville.

Eden Alternative is a global organization devoted to improving quality of life for elders. Our friend Laurie Loughlin works with the organization, and last fall when she heard they needed a band for their spring gathering, she recommended us,  then kept us informed as the decision made its way through various committees.

We were very happy to be the band that played for their opening night. There were many happy people in the ball room listening and dancing to the music that night.
Laurie told us that there were members from 9 different countries there, and that the consensus was that we put on "a spectacular show." Music to our ears!

Here are some photos from the evening:

                     All dressed up onstage - pretty curtains
  Rockin' the ballroom - lighting fixtures that look like UFO's

     After the show with new friends from Eden Alternative
   (creatively wearing their WannaBeatles bumper stickers)

Sorry we don't have a photo of Laurie. But we wanna say thanks for a very enjoyable evening!

-Bloggin' Bryan 18may14

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